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Israel Green Tours Complete Listing of Companies

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Solar - PV - Maximizing

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Tigo Energy Israel

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.Solar - PV Maximizing increases output power, up-time, and reliability on existing and new solar installations


Kfar Saba




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.Israelis, Sam Arditi and Ron Hadar

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.resulting in a faster return on investment and lower cost of ownership. By viewing the system holistically over the span of its useful life, Tigo Energy mitigates a variety of issues which limit the efficiency, availability and flexibility of today’s solar installations. MAXIMIZING ENERGY OUTPUT PER MODULE MAKING SOLAR INSTALLATIONS SAFER

Products: TIGO EnergyTM Module Maximizer-ES (MM-ES) Provides energy Harvesting per Module (Solar Panel) and data acquisition, communication to the TIGO Energy Maximizer Management Unit. TIGO EnergyTM Module Maximizer-EP (MM-EP) - TIGO EnergyTM Maximizer Management Unit (MMU) Is the brain of the TIGO Energy Maximizer system. It communicates between the Module Maximizers and the Inverter, controls processes in real time and sends data to a remote server in order to allow multiple users to observe and interact with the management system. ? TIGO EnergyTM MaxiManager Software Currently the Tigo Energy solution is a stand-alone polycarbon box that affixes to the frame of a PV panel. Integrating it into other companies' existing technologies offers a number of advantages. "Put right into solar panels, it could vastly reduce the cost of a panel footprint. You can also enhance the performance of the panel itself,"