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Starting an online business and make money

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From our experience and that of clients we have worked with, we would like to list the following points:

Don't STORM in
Most people embark into the world of online money-making schemes with the misconception that all it takes is to set up a website for the business and people will come running. They then proceed to spend whatever money it takes to set themselves up with the best and fastest systems they have heard are around and available. They sincerely believe that spending the money is justified since having the "systems" is all it takes to make money online.

They don't even consider that they might lose their money and won't get an online business going. NO, there is better way: First do a lot of talking and then start small, with the smallest possible outlay of capital - especially if you have to borrow it or need it for something else, viz.

Talk to people  on discussion forums and wherever else you can find them to find out:
* How many people are actually making money online and how they do it.
* What business might work from your location - esp. if you're living outside the U.S.A.
* How many people you need to contact to make a sale.
* The demand for your product or service.
* Would a business involve "spamming."
* Would you need to pay for promotions.

The Golden Rule is also: Don't over CAPITALIZE. That is for:

  1. Hardware
    The hardware you need to buy depends on what you want to do with it and how much you know. Can you afford to call in a technician everytime something goes wrong?
    It is unfortunately true that some new programs are writen for the latest operating systems, like Windows XP that doesn't run on older and/or slower computers  If you absolutely need to use such a program (and know how to), you need to invest in a computer that can run it, viz. Pentium 4.
  2. Software
    Don't pay for software you don't need or that you can get for free, like shareware
  3. Internet Connection
    Don't pay for fast, braud band, access at say $50 a month, if you can get by on a limited access contract for say $10 a month.
  4. Signup for business schemes
    Never pay for a scheme before you have some indication that it would work. Even then, go in at the lowest level and upgrade when you're sure you'll get your money back.

May this help prospective online intepreneurs to assess their chances of making money online. It should be kept in mind that just a few businesses actually generate a lot of sales online but that does not negate to need for any business or organization to be suitably represensented online with a website that reflects sophistication and professionalism. Remember, your website has become your stationery and your shop window.

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