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Chapter 1:

A Killing Arrogance

“Do not be arrogant toward the branches; but if you are arrogant, remember that it is not you who supports the root, but the root supports you....For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will He spare you...”Romans 11:18-21


“So what is the ‘big deal’ of ministering ‘the roots’ to the Church?” I asked the Holy Spirit of God while on board the El Al flight from Zurich to Tel Aviv. I wanted to understand the purpose of traveling to so many nations...’God what are you saying?’. Still very vivid in my mind were the testimonies of miraculous healings and deliverances that were shared after we finished our first ‘Back to the Roots’ seminar in Herisau, Switzerland. Hanspeter and Anita Vogt had welcomed us and all the Jews with opened arms...”

“The Church needs to repent”, they said.

One of the testimonies shared by a young woman was very touching: “I had mental problems”, she said...”I could not find my identity. They had cast many demons out of me but I never got free. As you explained about the roots of our faith and the unbreakable connection between the Jews and the Gentiles, peace came into me and I reconciled with my roots. I am free now!”

A few months later we would hear another powerful testimony: Ana had been brought to the seminar by a friend. She did not want to come because she hated religion and was running away from God. However the insistence of her friend won and she came. As the Holy Spirit took over the meeting and I cried under His leading, “Cain where is your brother Abel? The blood of your brother is crying to Me from the ground”, a spirit of repentance fell on the people. Many fell on the floor weeping uncontrollably, breaking before the Lord, confessing their sins and the sins of their forefathers. Hating the Jews, mocking or persecuting them had been prevalent among Christians. It was almost ‘normal’. Ana could not escape from the Lord anymore, right there she repented and became thoroughly born again into the Kingdom of the God of Israel.The reconciliation with the Jews and with the roots also brought her reconciliation with God!

I was awed. As a minister of God I had been crying for fruit and for true disciples to come forth! I was tired of ‘decisions’, I wanted to see fruitful, powerful disciples. I never fathomed that preaching on the Jewish Roots of our faith would be the key for true disciples...Yet the fruit that was starting to come in had the taste of eternity.

A few months later during our Annual Feast of Trumpets, (Rosh Hashanah) Prophetic Conference, I would see people transformed and deepened in their understanding of God as the revelation ‘hit them’, that the Christians are part of the ‘Commonwealth of Israel’

and that Christianity as the religion we know today had totally divorced itself from its Jewish? Biblical roots at the time of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, the time that Emperor Constantine rose to power in Rome.

Then a few months later in another one of our conferences in Jerusalem, I saw how God touched American Christians with the revelation that they needed to repent also from anti-Semitism, (hatred of Jews), and for being alienated from their Jewish roots. Dorothy a minister herself came weeping to the microphone and said: “I didn’t know that I had anti-Semitism, I have always loved the Jews..But then I realized that I’ve always blamed them for killing Christ”. Michael from California was present at another one of our meetings on the Mount of Olives and as the Spirit of Repentance was operating he confessed: “Lord forgive me for allowing jokes about the Jews and partaking of that mockery even in my family.We have sinned against your people”.

Ringing in my ears were the words of ‘brother George’ in England in 1989, a few months after I received Yeshua as my Jewish Messiah.( Yeshua is Jesus’ name in Hebrew and it means ‘Salvation’). I was so happy that He was ‘ours’, that He came to the Jew first.

I was so happy that there was a meaning to being a Jew, besides being persecuted and hated all day long. I was excited to realize that all the Christians in the world now were my family...I needed family as I had lost everything prior to joining the Kingdom of God....But George was bothered by my ‘Jewish manners’ and he said with much lack of tolerance and impatience..”Now that you are born again you must stop being a Jew”. I was shocked, I felt rejected. As I went home I decided to take a warm bath for comfort and as I laid in the bathtub, the Spirit of God fell upon me and ‘put me in intercession’... “Forgive George, Lord, please have mercy on him and on his church...”

By the Spirit I was pleading before the God of Israel to forgive these Christians which were ignorant about their Jewish roots. Little did I know that that kind of arrogance can cause many to be broken off from the Olive Tree, (Israel): “Behold then the kindness and the severity of God; to those who fell severity, but to you God’s kindness, if you continue in His kindness; otherwise you also will be cut off.”

Still my thoughts took me to another recent memory. Francois Nadler, then the director and founder of a Christian music school and now our ministry representative in Switzerland, had invited me to minister at a 2 day conference for the churches in the area of New Chattel in the French part of Switzerland. As Francois and the worship team ministered in music I started to move in a powerful prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Presence of The Lord was awesome....All of a sudden the Spirit of God spoke to me: “Dominiquae, stop everything and call the people to repent from anti-Semitism”. I was bewildered, I had never done this before. I am Jewish and what if they reject me?

The insistent and authoritative voice of the Spirit of God said: “If you do not call them to repentance you will have no more anointing tonight!”...God would refuse to pour anymore revival on unrepentant hearts. As I obeyed the Lord, around two thirds of the people present stood up to ask for forgiveness for themselves and for their parents and grandparents...for the Holocaust during the second world war, and other things...

As a representative of the Jewish people I forgave them and broke the curse of anti-Semitism off them. The Spirit of God came in and was poured out in a wonderful measure...The Presence of Yeshua, (Jesus) was so strong by the end of the meeting that I had to slip through the crowd into the office were I found refuge as I sat on the floor under a chair. I couldn’t stand there in His Presence....He is the King and I needed to bow down before Him.

As I pondered all of these things, the El Al plane from Zurich to Tel Aviv started landing and then the Spirit of God answered my question: “What is the big deal of ministering the roots to the Church?”...”It is a matter of life and death”, He said. “The Church is like a beautiful rose that has been cut off from the garden and from its roots. It has survived for 2 days inside of a vase with water. But on the third day it will die unless it is replanted back and reconnected back to its roots”

I started weeping, my heart was pierced through and through. If it’s a matter of life and death I am willing to pay the price for the sake of the Lord and His children...

The Scriptures say that one day is like a thousand years to the Lord. It has been already 2000 years since the Lord Jesus was revealed to Israel and since the Church came into being in Jerusalem. They were all Jewish then. And now we are entering into a New Era of history, we are entering into the third day, and are being reconnected or to our roots is a matter of life and death!

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