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Chapter 2

For Your Sakes

“...a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the

fullness of the Gentiles has come in”. Romans 11:25

It was the Spring of 1991 and I was about to receive my ordination as a minister and a graduate of Christ for the Nations International in Dallas, Texas. My husband Baruch and I, had left Israel a year before in order to study and prepare for Ministry. Due to the love of this school for Israel we had received a working scholarship.My duty was to man the Gymnasium office and to clean the premises including the toilets. I remember when dear Raymond from the Alumni department said to me: “With your credentials and your education and knowledge of languages they will not ask you to clean the toilets here”. And here I was cleaning the toilets of the Gymnasium. God was training me to serve and to be willing to serve in every position.

It was in one of these work shifts, a year after leaving Israel, that I turned to the Father and asked Him a crucial question for my life. “Lord why did you bring me to the States without my children? I haven’t seen them in a year, and meanwhile they have gone through the Gulf War without me. I can’t raise them up through calling them once a week on the telephone!”

My children were very little then. My daughter Adie had not yet turned 6 when I left her to go to Bible school and my son Yuval was 3 years old. They were in the custody of my ex-husband, who divorced me a few days before I experienced my new birth and God’s total forgiveness of my sins through the blood atonement of my Messiah, Jesus.

Yet I had rights to see them as often as I wanted to...They had accepted Yeshua into their hearts and they were growing in the faith. Our relationship was becoming closer and closer, and just when everything was starting to fall into place family-wise, the Lord called me to leave everything,to marry Baruch, another Messianic Jew, and to go, together with him to Bible school...I obeyed God because I owed Him my very breath. I was very broken when I met Him, and He was my Healer and the lifter of my soul. So I left my children behind and went to train for ministry, yet I never asked God ‘why?’.

But that afternoon, a year later, just before the ceremony of ordination, I asked Him the question. “God”, I said, “you are Mighty and all powerful you could have moved Heaven and earth in order for me to be able to bring my children with me, legally...But you had me leaving them, “why?”.“I can’t raise them up through the telephone, once a week Lord!”

The Voice of my Father, the God of Israel answered clearly in my heart: “It pleased Me to bruise you”. “I want you to have authority in every place that I send you to tell My children that I miss them, that I can’t raise them up when they call Me only once a week”.

I felt like a stone. ‘Has God chosen me for that?’ I couldn’t completely understand what He meant, yet I knew that He had spoken and that He would reveal this great mystery to me in due time.

Three and a half years went by as my husband and I started our traveling ministry. We went to mainland China, where the Lord used us to start a work of the Spirit and to risk our lives in order to preach the gospel in forbidden areas. We were almost arrested by their secret police once, because we were in an area forbidden to foreigners. Nevertheless, alongside the hardship of the roads and the conditions, the Lord confirmed His Word through us and many people were born again and some were miraculously healed.

He also took us to the Philippines where we ministered to the victims of the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The prophetic word that we spoke brought life and the believers in the area decided to stay instead of running away, and as they believed God they started prospering. Everywhere we went, the Power of the Holy Spirit was present and Mighty to heal, deliver, save, and transform. God was training us.

During that time we came in contact with prophetic ministries in the States and we also came in contact with the infamous ‘Replacement Theology”. A theology that states that the Church is now Israel and that the Jews were rejected by God. That Israel is like any other country and that the Christians have inherited all of the blessings, and the Jews had now all of the curses. We learned a lot from this prophetic ministry in the Florida area but we couldn’t ignore the fact that our very presence as Jews in their midst, was uncomfortable to them. They were concerned that we might influence some of their people to keep the Jewish Law or the Feasts of Israel and they were sore afraid of the ‘natural’.We were constantly aware of their fear and suspicion. During that time the Lord taught us to eat ‘spiritual chicken’; enjoy the meat and spit out the bones; enjoy what came from God and ignore the rest. There were many ‘bones’ though and occasionally they hurt our throats.

It was the summer of 1993, over 3 years after we left our beloved Israel. We knew that the Lord’s timing was at hand for us to go back and start establishing a prophetic work in the land that would minister the Word of the Lord, as written in the prophet Isaiah

chapter 2 verse 3b: “For the law will go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem”. The excitement of being able to see my children again was almost more than I could bear. A sister in the church we had been sent out from, in the Dallas area, gave me a word from the Lord: “Dominiquae, these are going to be hard times, but the Lord has thoroughly prepared you for what is to come. You will be strong enough”. “What does she mean?.”, I said to myself. Soon enough I would have an answer to that question.

It was during the missions conference of the Full Gospel of Churches and Ministers International, the fellowship to which we were affiliated as ordained ministers, that the answer to that question came. Baltimore Maryland, looked beautiful during the summer.

The telephone rang, our pastor was on the other side of the line, “call Israel immediately”, he said. “A terrible accident has happened to your ex-husband, your children need you!”

Only a few days earlier I had spoken with the father of my children in order to prepare him that we were coming back in August. He seemed to have soften. I ‘d even asked him about it, and he said that as a tour guide he had guided Messianic Jews and they were ‘very nice people’, and that he could understand things better, “However”, he said, “they all want me to repent and accept Yeshua, “but I am not repenting!” He was so emphatic in his tone of voice and so arrogant that a cold chill pierced through my bones as I warned him with sadness, “please do not be prideful against God”.

But now something terrible had happened. I proceeded to call his family. His father answered and said: “My son has taken his life. He killed himself less than 2 weeks ago”.

My heart froze; “Why didn’t you call me?”...And then the freezing, hateful reply: “We are doing everything in our power that you may never have your children back legally”..

And then he hung up the telephone on me. My ex-husband had had bouts of manic-depression in the past, devastating bouts and suicide was one of the predicaments of this condition...I started weeping and crying in mourning; a destroyed life and 2 little children that will forever carry the mark of what their dad has done...So much pain to these two little children of mine...Automatically, aided by my loving husband I proceeded to pack in order to return to Israel at once. I knew that a bitter legal fight was awaiting me. I knew that I needed to maintain my thoughts on the Lord. I had to be thankful in the midst of this distress that God is my ever present help in time of trouble...Yet I felt my heart breaking into a million pieces.

I arrived to the Land of Israel all alone. Baruch had to stay for a full additional month to organize the practical details of our home going. Arriving to Israel was a sad event. My children were hurting and they were estranged from me. Their paternal grandparents were very hateful towards me and communicated that hate to them. They had already taken all the necessary steps in order to ensure their custody over the children. A bitter battle was ahead of me. Ringing in my ears were the words of a Jewish prophet that ‘happened’ to arrive from South Africa to Dallas, a couple of days before I left. He had never met me before in person, and did not know anything about my situation, yet he prophesied: “I see 2 strong hands, filled with hate, they are holding your two children. Then I see a pile of legal papers. They have done everything in their power for you not to ever have your children back. I see the Lord Jesus. He is standing next to an open door and He is giggling. He says: “There is nothing that you can do to bring your children back. But I am fighting for you and I will bring you back your children”.

I went through the courts of Israel for a year and a half. During that time I was allowed to see the children once a week. Most of the times under supervision from the social workers. It was a time of deep distress for me, yet God gave me the grace to stand and to resist bitterness. He gave me love for all of my enemies. I still recall how on the first court meeting, the prosecutor presented before the judge all the evidence against me. On top of all the legal papers was my testimony of salvation. The one that I had written after I accepted my Messiah. In that testimony I exposed my sins and then the forgiving power of the Lord. Today that testimony is out on the market and the book is called “YES”. The prosecutor said: “If you want to know about Dominiquae, all the evidence against her is here, written by her own hands”. My testimony of salvation was the evidence against me! Something inside of me shouted “hallelujah!” as in the book of Revelations 12:11, it is written : “And they overcame, (the devil), by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives not even unto death”.

As the judge, the lawyers, the psychologists and the social workers of the Israeli courts proceeded to read my testimony of salvation, I felt that God was accomplishing far beyond what I could see. Deep within me though I knew that my salvation was not going to come through the courts. And indeed in December of 1994, one and half years later, the judge pronounced the verdict. “The custody over the children Adie and Yuval is denied to the mother. No official visiting rights are given besides those that the local social worker would allow.” My husband was devastated. He had stood with me through the whole thing and had seen the injustice of the whole process, he had seen my agony...Yet somehow I had total Peace about it. I did not feel defeated but victorious. I knew deep within my heart that this verdict for the time being was God’s will for me. I knew that what He had promised He would accomplish at His own timing and without my help.

Something inside my heart also told me: “I have a work to do”

Right after the court battle ended, I found myself traveling intensively in ministry. Many doors in many countries were opening up.The message that was cooking in me was the Message that God had brought me forth for.... “Call my children to come back to Me”

“Call them to come back to their Roots”. One day I was praying and meditating upon the things that had happened to me with my children. Then God asked me a question:

“Dominiquae, what would happen if I would return your children to you right now? Would you be able to travel through the Nations and preach?” To which I answered:

“Surely if my children would come back to me now, they would be very demanding of my attention and I could not be free to go to the Nations in the same manner. Caring for them would totally consume my time.” The Lord said something that I will never forget and I pray that as you, the reader, reads this, that you will allow your heart to be pierced with the power of this statement:

The Lord said to me:

“In the same way that you left your children behind in order to go to minister to the Gentiles, so I had to leave My Jewish children behind in order to call the Gentiles to the Kingdom. I had to forsake them and harden them for a season in order to call the Gentiles in. In the same manner that your heart is aching over your wounded children that have been estranged from you, so I am aching for My Jewish children that are estranged from Me. In the same manner that your children felt bitter because you abandoned them. My Jewish children feel abandoned by Me and they cannot believe in My goodness.

Now go and tell the Christians that I call them to repentance and to lay down their lives for their Jewish brothers. Tell them that I am coming soon and that this is the time to Comfort My Jewish children and to call them unto Me. Tell them also that this is the end of the time of the Gentiles and that is why I send you to urge them to come back to their Roots and to the Love of Israel”.

A Time of Repentance

Dear child of God. If you have read until now and you already feel moved to search your heart and repent, please do so now. I believe that the following chapters contain much revelation about the identity of the Church and the identity of the Lord. However hearts that contain anti-Semitism whether in a hidden form or in a very obvious one, and cannot receive God’s revelation and God’s healing. I ask you to open your heart and to be honest with yourself and with the Lord. “Have I hated the Jews?” “Have I blamed them for killing Christ?” “Am I jealous of them?” “Do I have ‘Replacement Theology’ in me?” “Do I believe that God has ‘replaced Israel’ and now I am Israel.?” “Am I indifferent to the Jews and to what happens in Israel?”. “Have I partaken of derogatory jokes against the Jews?” “Has my family been involved in any kind of Jewish discrimination?”

“Have I been arrogant against the Jew?”...”Have I extended God’s comfort and kindness to them?” “Am I eternally thankful to them for giving us the Bible and Jesus?”

“Am I willing to answer the call and lay down my life for them?”

Please pray this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father I come before you in humility. I ask you Lord to forgive me for any kind of arrogance I have had against your Jewish people. Lord I ask you to convict me of my sins and of the sins of my ancestors. Take me through a process of repentance Lord, so that I can fulfill Your End Time call in my life and so that all my family can be blessed. Deliver me from ignorance and estrangement from the Jewish/Biblical roots of my faith.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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