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Dear reader I hope that the Lord has spoken to you through this book.

I am fully aware that there is a lot more to say about this important subject. I do not presume to have the last word about it. I do not even presume that I am 100 percent theologically correct. I believe that that is reserved for the Holy Spirit alone, as He is our teacher. My purpose for writing this book is to be a vessel of God’s truth and healing, as we all watch the most amazing restoration of all times happen before our very eyes; that is the restoration of Israel. Now you know that you are grafted in, you know that you are a very important part in this restoration.

A new reformation is knocking at the doors of the Church and some of us will tend to resist it. My prayer is that this book will be a tool in God’s hands to facilitate our yielding to this new move of restoration, back to our roots.

You probably have many questions and many passages of Scripture are coming to your mind. “So what about Galatians and Romans and Acts? I can only encourage you to follow the lead of your questions and inquire of the Holy Spirit and the Word. I suggest that as you read the New Testament now with a different eye, that you start noticing a few things: 1) Who is a specific letter written to? 2) What is the background for the writing of a specific letter? 3) What is the issue they were dealing with? For example in the book of Galatians Paul was dealing with some people that were trying to convince the believers that the only way to get saved is through circumcision rather than the circumcision of the heart. 4) Be careful of some Bible versions when they introduce a word in italics. That means that it’s not in the original manuscript and it’s interpreted by the writer of that particular version. And please do not forget that no one of us is infallible and that each one of us has a ‘piece of the puzzle’ of the all encompassing revelation of God and His marvelous Word. I believe that it is essential to maintain a humble searching heart at all times since the Revelation of God is progressive,

I humbly remain yours

in His Love and Power

Dominiquae Bierman

To the Jewish and Gentile reader:

Please pray this prayer with me, in order to receive forgiveness for your sins:

“ God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I come before your Throne in humility to ask you to forgive me of all of my sins ,(list your sins if you can). I accept the blood atonement of your Son and my Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, (Jesus) on the cross. Yeshua, I believe that you are the Way the Truth and the Life and that you paid for all my sins so that I can be reconciled to my heavenly Father, the God of Israel. I believe that you rose from the dead and that you are alive. I accept you as my Lord, my Messiah and Savior. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may learn to walk in your ways, and lead me to a fellowship of believers, so that I can grow in my faith.

Thank you for Eternal life.

In Yeshua’s name I pray. Amen

If you have prayed this prayer for the first time, congratulations! You have just taken the most important step in your life. Please make sure that you get a full Bible that includes the Tanach and the New Testament, (the Old and the New). If you are a Jew, welcome back! The Church accepts you with open arms and we ask your forgiveness for all the atrocities we have committed against you and your people. Please start reading the New Testament from the beginning, as a personal love letter from God to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate your reading. If you are a Gentile,

welcome to the Common-Wealth of Israel! We accept you with open arms. Please start reading the entire Bible from today asking the Holy Spirit to talk to you.

Shalom and much love from the God of Israel

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