Philip Blom




South African (of Jewish/Dutch descent) Philip Blom - 2005 - Jerusalem

4 June 1938 in South Africa (SA) - Reborn September 1954.


2006 Jerusalem

Marital Status:
Married: 1968 to Marie; had 2 sons, Ockie (1970 ) & Jorik (1971) and a daughter, Dorit (1975).
Divorced (1992)
P O Box 31992, Jerusalem 91019, Israel
Office: Hothouses, Moshav Kfar Rut, Modiin, Maccabees
Office Tel. 972-57-948-2519 Mobile 972-50-539-7969
Skype: isaiah17
Born to wonderful, loving, inspiring, Christian parents belonging to the Dutch Reform Church. Reborn at the age of 16 and received a calling right there, that I discovered was to be involved with the Jews in Israel after going through a renewal in 1982 and was baptized in the Spirit and in water early in 1983.

Excellent; non-smoker; drinks wine in moderation.

Excellent due to a lot of cycling, walking, hard physical work and healthy eating habits.
(At a time of extremely hard work in the early '90s on a dairy farm in Israel, I was made 20 years younger to enable my calling.)

M.Sc (Agric. - animal physiology - 1965).

Computer literate, including setup of Windows, e-mail POP3, dial-up, autoresponders, spreadsheets, databases (MS Office), etc. Experience with Stock analysis and accounting programs.

Webmaster (HTML) and graphic skills including developing and editing graphics for websites.

Afrikaans/English(British & American): Mother tongue.
Hebrew: a little.
Writing, editing and journalistic skills - in English see ** below,
Experience and Activities (See also "My Calling to Israel")
SA: 1960 - 70
Physiological research on sheep for the SA Dept. of Agriculture - mostly in semi-desert areas.
SA: 1970 - 72
Physiological research on mine workers at the SA Chamber of Mines
SA: 1973 - 83
Senior Scientist at the laboratory animal unit of the SA Bureau of Standards, testing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other products

In July 1982 my wife and I were spiritually set on fire during a revival in the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in our city, Pretoria. It led to my discovery that I had a calling on my life. In December that year we learned that we were called to serve in Israel.

Israel: 1983 - 84
In June 1983 we left for Israel with the family, having sold our house and other possessions since we knew our calling was open ended. We did volunteer work, mostly at the ICEJ. See Photos of the trip at Zionsake Blog
To help with the restoration of Israel in line with scriptures that state that our Elohim was returning his people to their land and that gentiles will help with it - shepherding their sheep, etc.
SA: 1984 - 86
Section head of the S.A. Bureau of Standards laboratory animal unit mentioned below.
Israel: June -
Aug. 1986
We returned to Israel as a family with the plan to stay there indefinitely. We couldn't find ways to support ourselves, though, and had to return to SA after two months. The Lord showed me in a dream that we would spend four years in the desert before we would be able to return to Israel, vs. 40 of Israel, for not making it.
SA: 1986 - 90
Technical advisory team at the SA Meat Board (animal welfare, meat condemnations and statistics thereof, etc.- here I became computer literate by means of hands-on self-study). In 1989 we bought our first computer for family use. It was a frustrating time of exile from Israel for me (not for Marie or the kids, but I received a word about ample rewards I would eventually receive in Israel in May 1987, that kept me going. On 10 December 1987 disaster struck when Ockie was killed at age 17 when he was hit by a car at an intersection.
Israel: 1990 - 91
The four years passed and we were invited to work at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), that provided us with funding to develop and manage an interior design company, to employ new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. The company, Dream Collections, manufactured custom designed curtains, quilted bedspreads, etc. Marie was the interior designer. We employed 3 immigrants. The Financial Director of the ICEJ promised me that the company would become ours when it became profitable. See a photo of the Quilting Machine. Unfortunately, Marie lost interest in our calling and in our marriage, that caused us to have to return to South Africa (in shame) where she filed for divorce. It fulfilled a word the Lord had given me before we left for Israel 1990: "You have been set aside." True to this word, no doors to work were opened to me in SA because my calling was to Israel
Israel: 1992 - 95
Soon after the divorce I managed to return to Israel and found volunteer work on a sheep & goat dairy farm at Tzipori near Nazareth. My tasks included feeding, machine milking, cleaning and maintenance, especially welding. See Farmwork for pictures. It was a time of immense emotional strain due to the loss of my wife and the destruction of my life and the opportunity the Lord had given us to establish ourselves in Israel. I therefore tried desperately to fulfill the Lord's promise of a rewarding life in Israel. It was a big mistake, since the promises had to do with the fulfillment of prophecies in the distant future - as I only discovered years later.
To establish a career in publishing on the internet.
Israel: 1995 - 96
I moved from the farm to try to do something for myself, but had to opt for working at a hostel - at first as a night watchman and later in reception. I Developed a bed/cash receipt spreadsheet system for my own use. All that I could manage to advance my own plans was to set up an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, my old portable computer didn't have enough memory to run a Windows web browser.
Israel: 1996 - 97
After a brief spell back in SA, I returned to Israel in Oct. '96 and found volunteer work in computing at Galilee Experience in Tiberias. My main task was to set up a database of contacts in MS Access. In March '97, however, the Lord took me back to SA.
SA: 1997 - 98
I lived as before with my childhood friend and brother Freek Tomlinson. The reason for my return was to enable me to learn how to create websites. I had to do it the hard way, though, due to a lack of funds, namely by studying a 400 page book. When that was done, I was nevertheless able to attend an one and a half hour workshop. It enabled me fulfil my dream to publish online on my own websites.
Israel Nov. 98
Soon after I had arrived back in Israel, equipped to do web and computer work for ministries, the Lord changed my ministry to OBSERVE (fulfillment of prophecy) from serving and helping with restoration in the past.
Israel: Jan. 1999 - May 2001
Web design and computing consultant for various organizations as well as maintaining and publishing to my own sites.
See my following websites:
My Corporate Portal: Holy Land Inc. Project Host
See a Listing of Holy Land Inc. Sites

Other organizations:
Tabernacle of Zion
World Disaster-relief
World of Efrocine
Mountain of Samuel (My own study of the site)
Holyland Ministries
SA Embassy Commercial Page

Training: of clients to understand their computers, word processing, e-mail & web functions, etc.

Publishing skill: Design and print flyers, business cards, reports, etc. - with graphics.

** Writing skill: Many researched articles for my own website and those of clients. See:
Publications and Zionsake Blog.

Editing newsletters and info pages of web clients.
Writing e-mail letters in a secretarial capacity for ministries.
Writing advertisement and press releases.
Setting up scientific, political, Zionist, business and scripte reference pages and catalogs.

To create wealth and progress in Israel by means of projects hosted by Holy Land Inc. - as a means to prepare a refuge for Jewish and Christian refugees from the nations.
Israel: July 2001
Work for Biblical Resources (BR), Ein Kerem , Jerusalem, at first as a handyman, eventually "the cook" (of "Biblical meals" for tourists) plus eventually re-doing and maintaining their website, including setting up a shopping cart system via PayPal that earned them thousands of US dollars - not functioning anymore, The website does not exist anymore, but I did an online guided tour of their biblical garden that I have posted to my Scripture Keywords site. (All the time also keeping up with my political and spiritual observations and publishing information.)
That the destruction of Damascus, as in Isaiah 17, that many prophecy watchers had been saying was still to happen, was at hand. My whole perspective became based on the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 because it was going to enable Israel to recapture the east bank of the Jordan River since it would also include Aroer, that is located in Jordan. I realized that it would enable the Lord to bring back all the Jews in the world, plus his "Others," wha have been grafted into Israel - see Commonwealth of Israel. It would also lead to the restoration of the Dynasty of king David in preparation for the return of the ultimate David, Yeshua HaMashiach.
USA: Aug.
- Nov. 2003
I visited my son Jorik in America after not having seen him for 5 years, to meet his wife, Catherine and their two children, Leah & Ethan. During this time I received a vision to resettle recaptured Israeli land and accommodate Christian Zionist refugees from the nations in campsites - and to grow them to permanent communities, (hopefully) running on renewable energy and subsistence farming.
Renewable energy became a central part of my vision for Israel and I decided to incorporate it in my camping project; campsites and communities run on other forms of energy than fossil fuel.
Israel: Dec.
2003 -
Nov. 2004
My cooking job had been taken and I had to live in faith most of the year, doing websites for people at times for a bed. It was nevertheless a very meaningful time in that I could develop a business plan for the camping vision. See Holy Land Camping.

In another project with fellow South African, Koos Huizer, the concept and website "Highways to Jerusalem" was established (setting up tabernacles on the way to Jerusalem and connecting them to form routes that could facilitate immigration and even escape of Zionist refugees from the nations to Israel - See also -Highways to Jerusalem-

I could also live with my friend George Grispos for some months, that enabled me to do a lot of web work.

Israel: Dec. 2004
- June 2005
I got my job back at the Biblical Garden in Ein Kerem and again cooked the biblical meal, while also keeping up my own assignment of "observing" and reporting.
Israel: July 2005
- Nov. 2006
The Biblical Garden in Ein Kerem closed and I mhad to move to a little room in a Muslim Arab hostel with my computer, working 14 - 16 hours a day updating websites & publishing articles, including a comprehensive digitized summary of the book Mystery Babylon the Great; until November when the money from my last job ran out. From then I needed to live in faith, camping (3 months), living with my friend George Grispos (5 months, still able to work on websites and expand my presence on the internet, because I was online all the time), living in hostels with financial help from my son Jorik (a professional photographer) and my friend Vince Stuker (a freelance guide in Jerusalem).

I was directed to find space at Moshav Kfar Rut hothouse semi-industrial agricultural area, and found a storeroom that could serve as an office, workshop and living quarters . When I tried to raise capital to rent it, however, the Lord said, "Not before the bubble bursts." That was of the lifestyles of family, friends, contacts and about 60,000 people who had visited my websites at that time. It caused me to keep on living at different streams like Elijah, mostly camping at free secret places  - for my own safety.

Israel: Dec.2006
- Aug. 2008
While I was still camping that December, my friend Harry Wilsenach managed to track me down and he and his wife, Ida, started helping me financially to enable me to rent living quarters at a cost slightly more than that of a paid camp site. They also helped me to buy a second hand computer. I was online all the time and I could keep up with news about Israel and the world, developments in renewable energy and sustainable liviving, build networks and publish on blogs, etc. In June 2008 I started helping my cousin Jean, a psychiatrist in Canada to set up his practice online.
I became convinced that there are millions more Jews in the world than what we know about. This includes millions of people, like my family, who had lost their Jewishness due to the Inquisition.
Israel: Sept. 2008 to October 2011
In November 2008 I was in dire straits again to find an affordable place to live and managed to rent a camping spot and half of a container to serve as an office in the Kfar Rut semi-industrial hothouse area.

In July 2010 I miraculously acquired, at very little cost monthly, what I had been looking for all along, in the same area: space in a hothouse [green house] that could serve as an R&D center for Holy Land Inc. Projects. It is a 500 sq. meter space and I managed to erect a building, where I could live and have an office, from material used in horticulture in hothouses to start with an aquaponics project.

At that time I became passionate about the miracle farming crop, industrial HEMP, God's gift to mankind, that is said to have 30,000 uses.

In addition, I was "enlightened" about the potential of CONTAINER HOMES and given ideas to overcome the main shortcoming of containers, namely that they are too narrow. Container homes will definitely be the way to turn campsites into permanent communities at very low cost.

Noah's word, "Japheth will live in the tents of Shem" - a 180º turnaround from the present situation , plus the word in Jer. 30:11 that all the Jews will be sifted from the nations and that nations are going to be destroyed, became central in my vision. Nations are going to be destroyed completely as in the time of Noah, but Israel not altogether. Consequently Israel is going to be an ARK to save a remnant of Jews and OTHERS from the nations who manage to reach it.

It has become my URGENT message to whoever would listen! Especially grafted-in citizens of the house of Israel, since it turned out that my calling has to do with those who are wise enough to join the final Jewish EXODUS from the nations!

To the glory of the God of Israel.

Philip Blom

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