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HL Inc. your Project Host in srael

Founder's Report

Why Involve Holy Land Inc.
in your project in Israel?

The reason is mostly strategic, to  help to establish an Israel-based portal of skills and of equipment, with advantages derived from combining the expertise and familiarity of Israel-based professionals and entrepreneurs with local circumstances and pitfalls, with and skills and resources from abroad.



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Holy Land Inc. should be capable of the following:
  • Construct, maintain and host websites.
  • Represent clients on the Internet by adding a directory for their activity to Holy Land Inc.
  • Accept online donations for clients. See PayPal.
  • Assist on/offline with conferences and other meetings - hospitality .
  • Create multimedia productions.
  • Serve as your communications center.
  • Set up sales catalogs with online payment, such as we have for Biblical Resources
  • Assist you with  investments and property transactions in Israel.
  • Etc.
    Our policy should be is to try to help with whatever our clients want to do, especially if it benefits Israel.


Equipment, resources and staff to execute projects should preferably be supplied by clients for their specific needs, with the understanding that Holy Land Inc. will retain especially equipment. In this way Preferably clients should also join the Holy Land Inc. corporate Team to participate in its management and development. It goes without saying, that Corporate members will receive the profits generated by their projects and departments - apart from a small levy payable to Holy Land Inc.

It must be emphasized that this "corporate" feature of Holy Land Inc. should provide a means for others to get involved in projects in Israel.

Whatever your need, we would therefore like to invite you to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. Please click  Feedback to contact us.

Our Snailmail address: P.O.Box 2212, Jerusalem 91021
 Phone (+972)-050-539-7969 or
Download Skype username isaiah17

Holy Land Inc. Projects & Services in Israel

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