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Preserve the environment, go paperless, use alt. fuels


With online resources becoming the main source of information for more and more people, it is important to devise increasingly more efficient ways to sift and read material ONLINE. In this project we shall therefore strive to find these technologies and to promote them.
Among these are techniques and technologies aimed at:

  1. Increasing reading speed. Creative Windoware Pty Ltd. markets Rocket Reader software that has proved to be a very efficient way to attain better reading speeds. See (1)
    Postal: GPO Box 944, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 5001
    Trading at: 34 Burley Griffin Boulevard, Brompton, South Australia, 5007
    Ph. +61 8 83466411 (internat) Fax. +61 8 83466411 (internat)
    (2) Computer based Reading Excellence,  PO Box 1013, Westville 3630 South Africa. Tel. +27 31 368 1201  Fax. +27 31 368 1248. Email:
  2. Condensing printing to save on paper. For instance, by using:
    (a) pdouble! The pdouble command will help to conserve paper by printing two pages of text onto one page of paper. It does this by printing the two pages sideways on the same sheet of paper. See:
    (b) Ecopad32. Ecopad32 prints up to 8 pages of condensed text on a single sheet of paper! Ecopad32 will load files and print files up to 32MB, and will run on Windows95 or Windows NT 3.51/4.0 . See:               
  3. Software enabling paperless office environments. See:
    (i)  The Paperless Office 10 User Network Edition V2.0 Multi 1-Do. By Computhink INC. Fax, Ocr & Document Imaging Software. For Windows95 & NT and Unix.  &  &
    (ii) Cabinet Next Generation® Designed to integrate people, technology, paper and electronic files together in one easy to use document management system for personal computers.
    (iii) Transform document processing from the paper based ‘supply/push’ system to an IT driven ‘demand/pull’ one. Information is created, stored and accessed in electronic form, and therefore need never appear on paper. A system based on Ringwood Software’s Trove for Manuals. See:                               (To the TOP)
    (iv) PageOffice by Umax - complementing their scanners. See:
    (v) Image Management Systems (IMS), a small firm in South Bend, Ind., is providing a customized paperless office system to small insurance agencies. This is what one of their clients, Agent Exchange, had to say: "'Instead of investing in a mortgage and fancy building, we decided to make a major investment in an automated system.
    (vi) Medipoint Paperless Medical Systems.
    (vii) The Eye Spy eSearch System is a Recruiter's On Line Desktop software package that expands the recruiter's scope to include complete Internet capabilities. It is a complete plain vanilla Microsoft solution to completely automating the Professional PAPERLESS Recruiting Practice.              
  4. Hardware and Software solutions for paperless systems.  Fidelity Investments International has chosen Sun servers to run document image processing software. The XTRAC workflow system, developed in-house over the past two years at Fidelity's US headquarters, is being rolled out to subsidiary offices in America and around the world. See:
  5. More Information about the Paperless Office?                   
  6. Graduate study of the paperless office:
  7. Networks. "One of the main reasons companies adopt the paperless office is to make it easy to move shared information on a networked computer system. 'The minute I put this piece of paper in the scanner, it is available to everyone on the network,' said Sheppard."
  8. Storage Solutions.    

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