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-Your Gateway to involvement in Israel
Your Gateway       to involvement in Israel

AS we all know, and can see from reports about anti-Semitism, PRESSURE against Israel and Jews is mounting in the nations. This is nothing, though, compared to the way nations will turn against Israel and Jews should Israel need to take drastic action against the Muslims around them or be annihilated itself. This backlash in the nations will facilitate the SIFTING of the Jews from the nations and it will also spill over on God's "OTHER PEOPLE" whom he has collected for himself from the gentiles - belonging to the house (commonwealth of Israel). Holy Land Inc. has been assigned with the task to PREPARE A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE in Israel for God's "OTHER PEOPLE." If you are one of them, you can already get your feet on the ground in Israel and start preparing a future for yourself by becoming involved in Holy Land Inc. as an associate. You will have the same say as other associates about the running of Holy Land Inc., its projects and investments. You could also become part of the corporate team of Holy Land Inc.

Holy Land Inc. has contributed a lot towards raising awareness of Israel's historic, legal and Biblical rights in the Promised Land via a number of websites since its debut on the Internet in the mid 1990s, as can be seen at Holy land Inc Sites -- although not at a satisfactory level of exposure. This is due to the operation having been a private initiative without a budget. In view of the looming threat against Israel, Jews and Christians, we need to INCREASE our EFFORTS multi-fold with many more PROJECTS - like Holyland Camping, that is presently our main strategy to acquire land -- campsites that can become OUTPOSTS; towns; major centers. Efforts should also be focussed on food production and off-grid energy and job creation by means of these activities.

It is also our dream to get a permit to cultivate the wonder plant, with thousands of uses, HEMP - Industrial cannabis without the drug THC. Contrary to the U.S.A., the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legalized in Israel. Consequently, the next step would be to legalize hemp farming in Israel. Developing secondary industries producing hemp products can become major activities at new communities. Hemp seed is also the best food in nature and has saved nations from famine in the past.

Present Situation

Holy Land Inc. Project Host has been kept dormant in cyberspace since its inception in 1999, until now, January 2012, in spite of the lofty aim to use it as a base to prepare for a time when turmoil in the nations will force citizens of the house (commonwealth) of Israel to join the final EXODUS of Jews to the motherland. Some years ago, though, its founder, Philip Blom, received a word from on high that funding for the enterprise will not become available before the bubble has burst in the nations.

The Lord God of Israel's timing for Holy Land Inc. to come into its own, depends on what will cause the bubble to burst in the nations. Philip's assignment in Israel was changed to OBSERVE (the fulfillment of a prophecy) in 1998. It turned out in 2001 that the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17), will be the trigger. It will cause the nations to ROAR and to try to retaliate by attacking Israel. The Lord will turn them back, and all they will be able to do will be to persecute the Jews and Christians in their midst - with the Muslims who have been allowed to settle so freely in the nations, leading the violence.

The Arab Spring demonstrations that started during the spring of 2011 could have put us on the fast track to the war in Isaiah 17 because it has led to militant Islamists taking over everywhere - except in Syria, so far. Iran and Hezballah are doing all they can to keep Assad of Syria in power, that could culminate, as a last resort, in an all-out missile attack on Israel. It will be so devastating that Israel will be forced to destroy Damascus to stop the missiles. That will lead to the ROAR in the nations and the transfer of Muslim Jihad from the Middle East to the nations.

Another indication that the time for Holy Land Inc. to start operating full steam is approaching, is that a 500 square meter space has been acquired in a greenhouse in July 2010 for an R&D center. A lot of space can also be rented outside the green house to assemble container buildings.

Present Priorities

It has now become vital to move towards registering Holy Land Inc. as an Israeli company so that a bank account can be opened to receive funds and expenses can be deducted from taxes. It costs money, though, as well as to recruit an Israeli as a dormant or active partner - preferably one who knows how to get things done in Israel. Such a person has actually emerged, but nothing can be done without funds. Until then Philip Blom will need to receive the funds via Paypal and other  accounts

Funds are also presently needed to take the burden off Philip Blom to pay the rent, water and electricity for the R&D center that has been established. Plus expenses involved with an aquaponics system that has been built.

In addition, we must proceed with an application for a permit in the name of Holy Land Inc. to plant hemp, for which funding is also needed.

Functions of Associates

They will run and fund their own projects in association with the Holy Land Inc. corporate team and staff - that will also handle their administration, including accounting and banking services.

The Holy Land Inc. corporate team and heads of administrative and technical departments will be selected from Associates.

People with a wide range of skills will ne needed, such as entrepreneurs, financial and legal, administrative, editorial, technical, viz, IT, horticulture, including permaculture and aquaponics, construction - to build container homes, develop campsites and grow them to communities, etc.

In getting all these things together, a promise from on High will be fulfilled, "That it will become PRESTIGIOUS to be involved with Holy Land Inc." - a VIBRANT team that will work to the advantage of all -- along the lines envisaged in the banner below:

Be part of an online community

NOW IS A GOOD TIME to start, since we don't know how long we still have to prepare! The word SUDDENLY is used 37 times in the NKJV, mostly in prophecies, so let us not be caught unprepared by one of the Lord's "SUDDENLIES" - as He Himself warns:

"I have declared the former things from the beginning; They went forth from My mouth, and I caused them to hear it.
Suddenly I did them, and they came to pass. Isa 48:3

New Israeli Shekel (NIS) increasing in value


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